Do you know the difference between the national deficit and the national debt? Not many do but successive governments have conned the British people by persistently talking about 'reducing the deficit' when the reality is that debt is increasing dramatically. There is an urgent need to begin the process of down-sizing government, to include the eradication of entire departments.

The figures speak for themselves.

What's really happening is that whilst overall debt is increasing, the burden of the deficit is being passed from the public to the private purse. It is a con trick on an epic scale.

Meanwhile, the banks, whose greed caused the crash, have escaped virtually unscathed. British Independents recognises the danger in allowing banks to become 'too big to fail'. It is now the case that many are regarded as 'too big to jail'. We would seek a restructuring of banking groups to deliver direct accountability of individual companies. Where banks abuse their market dominance across their operating companies, we would split them up. Never again must the British economy and the British people be held hostage to the short term profiteering of city spivs.

Britain is one of the world's leading innovators and whilst we have some shining examples of success, too many good ideas end up being manufactured elsewhere. Our overall focus would be to encourage Britain's manufacturing industry to invest in the UK by ensuring a tax framework that recognises the importance of remaining competitive on the global stage. Our wealth is dependent upon what we sell. If we don't invest in manufacturing, we have no sustainable means of improving our economy.

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