We will seek to introduce proportional representation so that parliament becomes a true reflection of the electorate's wishes. We will introduce secure electronic voting so that MPs can spend more time in their constituencies working on behalf of their constituents. The need for a second home for non-ministerial MPs will be removed.

Turkeys seldom vote for Christmas but the scale and costs of government needs to be reduced. British Independents will reduce the number of MPs and local authority councillors. We will also introduce modern information technology into parliament so that, for example, committee work can use video conferencing technology. We will bring social media technology into parliament, so that the electorate can be consulted by parliament on a more timely basis.

We will encourage a wider pool of talent for the House of Lords which will be strengthened as part of the checks and balances on the activities of government. We will remove the link between state and religion, as well as removing the automatic entitlement for Lords Spiritual to have a seat in the House of Lords. Religion should only have a consultative role on matters of government or state and should be a matter solely for the private lives of individuals.

We would seek to reduce the legislative timetable in parliament to allow proper debate and formulation of policies by cross party consensus. Questions asked in parliament would be subjected to a requirement for honest, straightforward answers. British Independents will dispense with tradition wherever it impacts efficiency. There would be an outright ban on MPs attending lobby group social events, as well as a lifetime ban on MPs accepting any paid position within any organisation linked to policy areas previously governed by that MP.

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