Hands off our NHS!

The NHS is at the core of the British way of life. Access to healthcare for British citizens must be free at the point of service. We'll get rid of the 'targets' bureaucracy, streamline services, and restore control of healthcare to medical professionals.

No one is in any doubt that, however precious the NHS, there is much to be done in improving efficiency. Often, doctors and nurses feel powerless to effect change, so we want to ensure that they are put back in the driving seat and allowed to drive changes that they know will work.

However, there does need to be a refocus on health policy that understands that issues like obesity risk bankrupting the NHS. Obesity is currently estimated to be costing the NHS around £6bn per year. As any doctor will tell you, prevention is better than cure. British Independents advocates the revival of physical exercise in schools, with sport and other physically demanding activities built into the school curriculum, to provide a minimum of 2.5 hours per week over a minimum of three days.

British Independents believes that habits and culture are instilled at an early age and that our current state education system is failing our children and condemning them to a life of ill health at a cost that is unsustainable to the NHS. Joining up education and health policies is just one area where joined-up thinking can save £billions.


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