Tax Reform

The UK's tax system is not fit for purpose. We'll seek a comprehensive review of taxation, to include replacing Council Tax with Income Tax, a clamp down on corporate tax dodgers, and a simplification of the tax system to reduce the burden on small businesses.

The past few years has evidenced that large corporations and rich individuals are free to abuse UK tax law to avoid and evade tax. British Independents will seek to close the loopholes and ensure that a fair share is returned to the British economy.

A complete rewrite of the tax system is necessary to eradicate the army of tax administrators and advisors that place an unnecessary and unwelcome burden on business.

Whilst we recognise the opportunity for the UK to be an independent powerhouse trading across world markets, the UK is currently hamstrung by a requirement to observe EU mandates in areas like VAT. Ultimately, if we want to be free to fix our tax system, we have to leave the EU to be able to achieve that goal.

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