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Sign our petition to the Director of Public Prosecutions to prosecute ministers who knowingly cause harm to vulnerable people

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In a January 2015 letter to David Crompton, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Constabulary, David Gale, voluntary Chief Executive of KidsForCashUK.org (@K4CUK), has asked why the requirement to send a child sex abuse case for review by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has been ignored.

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The UK is fast attracting a poor reputation as one of only two countries in the western world where forced adoption is a cornerstone of child protection policy. The removal of a child from its parents against their wishes is one of the most dire events that can happen to anyone, yet forced adoption is rapidly becoming the norm. Once a forced adoption has taken place, there is no recourse for the parents. They are gone forever with no contact being allowed.

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