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Welcome to British Independents.

We are a new party entering a new era in British politics. The historic Brexit process brings with it new opportunities to re-establish Britain's global trading base. If we were being asked today whether or not to join the European Union, we wouldn't dream of it. Our premise is that UKIP has served its purpose but does not represent the centre-left views of the majority of its supporters. 

Not only is the electorate fed up with politics and politicians but, increasingly, they choose not to get involved. Who can blame them when the policies that are implemented fail to reflect the wishes of the people? When policy becomes aligned to the vested interests of the large corporations and unions that fund the old party machines, the time has come for change. We are focussed on ensuring that, above all, British Independents elected members will focus on the wishes of their constituents independent of a party whip.

A sizeable majority of the public believe that essential services like gas, electricity and the railways should not be delivered for private profit. So, why isn't this represented in the policies of the old parties? The experience of the past four decades has taught us that when fat cats make a killing, we all end up worse off. Essential services should be delivered independent of private shareholder greed, providing the stability required to allow British Industry to thrive.

The British Independents brand, complete with all of the back office infrastructure required to run a modern party in the Digital Age, is ready and waiting but we will not roll out until we have achieved a level of financial backing that enables us to properly engage.

We can have the best of both worlds: small government but with public ownership of essential utilities and services. British Independents is focused on providing a new alternative to the broken party machines to re-engage the British people with their democracy. Our advice, for the forthcoming General Election on 8th June 2017, is to vote for the best candidate for your constituency, regardless of their political affiliation.

David Gale
Party Leader

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